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The Tigre concept

Tigre Energy provides renewable energy solutions for clients who need low carbon, sustainable power, either for themselves or for export to other users and the grid. Supplying proven, modular conversion technology, suitable for a variety of biomass or waste-derived fuel feedstocks, Tigre's expert team can assist with every aspect of your project. Increasing demands for renewable energy, worldwide, has led to the development of ultra efficient systems and Tigre's team have focused on the latest generation of thermal processes, with technologies capable of generating heat and power whilst maintaining the strictest environmental standards, worldwide. Strong links with our chosen technology developers and specialist engineering partners provide our clients with a safe and seamless transition from concept to delivery. With a stable of proven technologies for MSW, RDF, industrial wastes, agri wastes, biomass, tyres and many more..... Tigre can tailor a solution, whether by combustion/steam cycles technology, gasification/syngas production or pyrolysis/oil and carbon outputs.  

Projects from 1MWe to 20MWe are achievable.


Steam cycle technology or gasification/syngas technology can be utilised according to the size and type of project

Large energy users such as data centres can utilise the electrical power, and cooling can also be provided, using the waste heat via absorption chillers.

Using waste-derived feedstock including sewage sludge, RDF, agri-residues, tyres and a wide range of combustible wastes, Tigre can provide the technology and a cost-effective solution to produce electricty, heat and/or valuable marketable outputs such as oil and carbon char.

Benefitting from the latest technical developments, these technologies are all aimed at maximising outputs without compromising environmental performance.



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